A-List Entertainment


    Category: Comedy
    30 Episodes
    Comedians and longtime friends Akmal Saleh and Joel Ozborn explore their personal failings and cultural mishaps - very rarely if ever learning from them. See more...
  • Bev and CJ’s Stimulus Package
    The world is changing as we speak so wash your hands grab a beverage, sit back and relax approximately 1.5 metre away from each other as comedians Bev Killick and CJ Fortuna join forces to stimulate the masses with their weekly package of essential fun to stir the hearts and minds of their fellow humans. See more...
  • Bev's Hoard w/. Bev Killick & Angus Gill
    Comedian Bev Killick is a serious collector and Facebook Marketplace matriarch, her lounge room hoard is stuff of legend. Bev and fellow singer-songwriter/comedian Angus Gill swap stories, evaluate and discuss the new additions to her collection and latest op shop findings. Collectors, hoarders, op shoppers, upcyclers, downcyclers See more...
  • Effed Up Families with The Stevenson Experience
    Each week on Effed Up Families, Identical twins Jimmy and Beej discuss their own family issues and tell each other a true story about another Effed up Family. Come and find out why family really does bring out the worst in people. So strap in – wash behind your ears and don't forget to call your parents, it’s time to get Effe See more...
  • The Swab with Georgie Carroll
    The Swab with Georgie Carroll
    Category: Medicine
    28 Episodes
    Comedian and Nurse Georgie Carroll digs around infectious nurses folds to see what they are packing, hopefully it's viral. See more...